9th International Conference of Critical Geography, 23-29 October 2023, Mexico City

The steering committee of the International Critical Geography Group is really excited to share with you the call for contributions for the ninth edition of the International Critical Geographies Conference, which will be held in Mexico City between the 23rd and 29th of October 2023!

After our last gatherings in Palestine and Greece, the ICCG returns to Mexico under the direction of GeoBrujas (GeoWitches) and in collaboration with colleagues from Latin America, Spain and beyond. 

GeoBrujas is a community of women geographers whose work is driven by other ways of doing geography, to question the world in which we live, rethinking new forms of social and community engagement, walking geographically, and listening and feeling our realities to fight against inequalities, injustices and violence. 

The conference theme is “Territorialities in Resistance Against Extractivisms: Geographies from Below and to the Left” and there will be a large and critical set of subthemes to submit your contributions, including:

1. Migration, forced displacement and border (de)construction
2. Movements in defense of territory, autonomy projects, geographies for peace and human rights
3. Socio-spatial (in)justice and uneven development ahead of megaprojects and urban realities
4. Counter-cartographies, corpocartographies and other expanded cartographies
5. Climate crises, ecopolitics, environmental (in)justice and non-human territorialities
6. Feminisms, gender, bodies and sexualities
7. Geographies of racism and racialization, inter-ethnic conflict and variegated landscapes
8. Teaching-learning geography, geopedagogies and decolonial didactics
9. (Counter)geopolitics from Latin America and the Caribbean: dialogues between the Global South and the North
10. Artivisms and territorial practices from the arts
11. Spaces for participation, virtual reality and new technologies 

Please note that the deadline to submit panel sessions is January 6th 2023.

Very much looking forward to your contributions and to meet old and new friends in Mexico.

Conference website: http://iccg2023.org/


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